What is Debt Consolidation Loan And how to apply for Debt Consolidation Loan

Here you will get the perfect knowlegde of Debt Consolidation Loan. How to apply for Debt Consolidation Loan,Debt Consolidation Loan calculator


What is Debt Consolidation Loan?

Everyone in this world, wants to live a happy and a loan-free life, where there is no financial problems. People’s greed to live life like this, gave them a burden of loans, but Debt Consolidation Loan is a helper for them. The debt Consolidation Loan means when you combine more than one of your debts, and pay them using a single loan with favourable payoff terms, like a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment, tenure, etc.

Importance of Debt Consolidation loans

Most of the time, multiple debts cause anxiety, stress and burden on our mind. Personal loans not only ease the payment of debts, it gives a peace to our mind, because events like education, weddings and more can easily be completed though personal loans.

Debt Consolidation for Personal Loans

The personal loans you take for debt consolidation gives u an ability to merge all your loans in to a single one and pay them with the single amount that you will be paying monthly. Therefore, when you have paid all the loans, you are left with only a single loan with a monthly instalment.

Features of Debt Consolidation for personal loans – 

Single EMI Payment

Lower Rate Of Interest

Fixed Tenure

Repayment is flexible

You can apply for it online

Can improve credit score

Advantages of Debt Consolidation loans –

Repay multiple debts with one single loan

The best feature of the debt consolidation loans is that it let’s you repay a multiple loans with a single loans, which gives a great relief to a person. You can pay all your debs like Credit & debit cards.

Paying loans made easy!

It offers you a monthly instalment of a favourable amount which is easy to pay with a lower interest rate.

You are restricted to borrow any other loan during the consolidation process.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

The debt consolidation calculator is designed to help people if the debt consolidation loan is good for them or not. There are many debts consolidation calculator available on the internet, you may search and solve your problems. It is a very helpful tool as it helps you to decide whether merging all your debts into one is beneficial for you. It is a good idea if you are aware of your loan amount in advance.

Navy Federal Debt Consolidation Role.

The Navy Federal is known as the world’s largest credit union. They offer a worldwide network of branches and ATMs, with 24/7 support. The Navy Federal has designed a debt consolidation calculator to help determine if consolidation is right for a person.

You can visit navy federal debt consolidation calculator from here.

Apply For Debt Consolidation Loan.

So, if you liked the way how debt consolidation loan works, you would be excited to apply for it, below are the some platforms from where you can apply for debt consolidation loans.


Loan Amounts : $5,000 to $100,000

Credit needed is good to excellent

No Early Payoff Penalty

24 to 84 Months terms

No organization fee

No late fee


Annual Percentage Rate : 6.95% to 35.99%

Loan amounts : $1,000 to $50,000

Credit needed is FICO or Vintage Score of 600

No Early Payoff Penalty

36 to 60 months of terms

0 to 8% of the organization fee

5% or $15 of monthly pass due amount


Annual Percentage Rate: 5.94% to 35.97%

Loan amounts: $1,000  to $50,000

Credit needed is Fait/good to excellent

No early payoff penalty

24 to 84 months of terms

2.9% to 8% of organization fee

Late fee is up-to $15