How to become a lawyer in USA or AUSTRALIA.


How to become a lawyer in USA or AUSTRALIA.

A Lawyer is the one who advices and helps in matters or law. Being a Lawyer would be an amazing task, as the average salary of a lawyer Is $121,980 in USA and or $114,738 in Australia.

In this article, you will be knowing how to become a lawyer in 2022 in USA or in Australia.

Duties of Lawyers.

They advise or represent their clients in courts in legal matters.

Researches and analyses legal problems

Communicate with judges, clients and other officials

Present their facts in writing or verbally to the court in favour of their clients.

Prepares and files legal documents like lawsuit, contracts and deeds.

Types of Lawyers

On based on which industry a Lawyer works, Lawyers can be classified as – 

Tax lawyers – They handle various tax related issues for individuals or corporations. A tax Lawyer navigates a client in paying complex taxes such as income tax, profit and other complex taxes.

Environmental Lawyer – They work with environment related tax issues. For example, disposal companies and all.

Intellectual property Lawyer – They deal with the laws related to inventions, copyrighted contents and creative works such as music, art or video etc.

Family Lawyers – Deals with the variety of family related issues.

How to become a lawyer?

Lawyers must have a law degree and must pass a state written bar examination to be eligible to become a lawyer.

Becoming a Lawyer is a journey of 7 years. 4 years under graduation and 3 years of law school.  Most states or jurisdictions requires lawyers to complete Juris Doctor degree from a law school. You will need a bachelor degree to enter in law school, and if you have courses In English, public speaking, govt. history, economics and mathematics, they will be very useful.

Licensing and certification

The licensing exams taken by the lawyers are known as bar exams, and the lawyers who had received a license are called admitted to the bar.

To exercise the law, you must be admitted to the state’s bar under the rules which are established by the Jurisdiction’s highest court. If lawyers want to practice the laws in more than one state then they have to give the bar exam for that state.

The graduated lawyers must be updated with the latest legal developments. State wants lawyers to participate in legal education every year or every 3 years. Most of the states and local bar associations provide legal education courses to keep the lawyers informed.

Qualities that are important for a lawyer.

Analytical skills

The work of lawyers to help their clients with different legal problems. So, for this they need to analyse a large amount of information.

Interpersonal skills 

Lawyers must have better communication skills so that they would be confident in front of their clients, which would help clients to build a strong trust, so that clients can share their problems.

Problem-solving skills 

A Lawyer should have a problem-solving skill to prepare best defence for their clients, for this, they need to develop a high-thinking skills, which would help them to make good decisions and will help them to make a good strategy.

Research skills

Lawyers should be able to find the laws which are suitable for a particular matter, for which they need high level research skills.

Writing Skills

While consolidating or collecting the information, it is important to note it down somewhere for a better presentation or the neat of work.

Salaries offered for lawyers.

The annual average wage of a lawyer is $126,930

The avg. wages for the top industries are listed below

Federal Govt. -> $152,220

Legal Services -> $126,660

Local Govt. excl. education and hospitals -> $99,900

State Govt. excl. education and hospitals -> $91,450

Lawyers who practice on their own earn less, as compared to the lawyers who work in firms or other business establishments.